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2023 Fall Writing Contest Winners & Finalists

With gratitude to all who submitted, the editors are delighted to announce the results of our first annual writing contest. We were amazed at the variety and caliber of the manuscripts we read.

1st prize: Where is Home? by Bethany Cole (poem)
2nd prize: Crimson Horror by Miriam Khouri (poem)
3rd prize: The Wife's Apprentice by Au-Co Tran (story)


on the animals after Ophelia by Mara Adamitz Scrupe (stipend awarded)

To Goddard by Peter Altschuler (stipend awarded)

The Candy Bar by Irena Kaçi (stipend awarded)

The Number Puller by Sarah Talbert

Voices Down the Well by Ian Fuller (stipend awarded) 

A Dionysian Rite by Aileen Gallagher

In the Absence of a Sinner by Malia Wessel

His Perceived Reality by Casey Weaver

How Far is Gone? by Katelyn Coombs

The Wedding Guest by Jill Charles (stipend awarded) 

First prize is $10,000; second prize, $5,000; and third prize, $1,050. We are grateful for the opportunity to have read so many vibrant manuscripts.

Enhancing Communication and Feedback for Future Contests

We're delighted to share that the recent feedback we've received regarding our contests has been incredibly insightful. Our team is actively working to incorporate your valuable suggestions to enhance communication and criticism for upcoming events. We're committed to making these contests more rewarding, interactive and constructive for everyone involved.


Expanding Learning Opportunities for Those Who Missed Enrollment

We understand that some students were unable to enroll in courses this semester. To address this we've worked to significantly expand our reading and discussion groups. We're adding to the course list and increasing the number of students in each group from 9 to 14, thanks to the addition of new and enthusiastic tutors joining our team. This expansion means more opportunities for engagement and learning, ensuring that everyone has a chance to participate in a vibrant Socratic community.  Stay tuned for more updates.

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