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For writers, artists, musicians, and designers

Build an audience & revenue stream around your passion

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Start, run and grow your buiness from scratch to
$10-20K per month in 90 days.



Turn your passion and knowledge into a business. Learn to craft an educational offer that adds value to your audience's lives by helping them learn a skill, overcome a personal or creative problem, or master a subject matter.

How? No fluff, just read through our step-by-step guide, and then receive one-on-one coaching from the author, Omar Najjarine.  


When you've crafted your initial offer, it's time to grow...

Learn how to promote your offer both organically and with paid ads. We teach you how to leverage email, paid advertisements, social media and other viral methods. This will result in your income being catapulted past $20,000 per-month and beyond.

There Are Three Core Elements
To A Successful Online Creative Business


You need to get eyeballs on you, and what you have to offer. You'll do this using organic traffic and paid ads. Discover the secrets to capturing people’s attention with viral content.


When you have this traffic, you'll need to send it into a sales process that is suited to your offer and price-tag. This will convey the value you have to offer, and result in a sale or an appointment to generate a sale.


Your sales process will then convert people into a paying customer and a lifelong fan of you and your work. This is usually through a sales page or a webinar, or a sales call, depending on the price-tag.


A growing audience
A content creation system
An irresistible offer
A revenue stream

About the Author

Omar Najjarine is a writer and literary content creator.

Omar started sharing his passion for literature and philosophy on social media in 2023. He went from $0 to $17,000/mo in just 5 months marketing and selling a single literary offer.


Omar writes and teaches on the internet full-time. He writes books, teaches online courses, and runs The Autodidact — a journal covering culture and literature.

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What members are saying

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We’re in a renaissance of independent creative work today. There has never been an easier time for writers, artists, musicians or anyone to build an audience and revenue stream around their passion. With a compelling educational offer, anyone can turn their passion into a devoted community and authentic business.

There are 19-year old philosophy students on Youtube earning more than philosophy professors with PhDs. 

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