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Work with Omar

I help people build an audience and revenue stream around their interests


Build an audience & revenue stream around your passion in 90 days.

I can help you if:

You have a genuine intellectual or creative interest, and are actively studying or working in your area of interest.

Whether you’re a passionate student or an independent writer, artist, teacher, or freelancer.

Client's I've worked with have a wide array of interests:
poetry, politics, literature, sociology, psychology, religion, music, history, law and more.

Why Work With Omar?

I started sharing my passion for literature and philosophy on social media in 2023 and within a few months went from $0 to $20,000 per month selling literary guides, private lessons and other offers.

I was able to leverage nearly a decade of experience in digital marketing, advertising, and offer creation to monetize my literary interests.


Most intellectual and creative workers struggle for years to earn a living by their passions, simply because they don’t know to package and promote what they have to offer, and in a way the market would respond favorably to.

Omar Najjarine

Recently, I began sharing everything I've learned with others
Here are just a few people I've worked with so far...



A growing audience
An irresistible offer
A revenue stream

Not Ready for 1:1 Mentorship?

Download my book to get started by yourself.

Freelance writing
Freelance writing
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