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About Us

Lichfield Institute promotes independent study and independent writing. We build communities of learning based on conversation, mentorship and passionate inquiry. 

Our Story

Started in the summer of 2021 by a group of graduate students hailing from Rhode Island and New York, and sustained passionately since. While academic forums and communities have existed online, the group sought a more intimate discussion of texts that revolved around spontaneous, live conversation. With the power of the internet, we’ve been able to create a dynamic virtual space for engaging in enriching Socratic discussions with scholars and readers of all backgrounds. Since establishing an official presence online in 2023, our reading groups have grown into a vibrant hub of intellectual exchange. We're proud of our journey and excited about the future. Join us in this evolving dialogue, where live conversation enriches our collective understanding.

Current Leadership

Jordan de Lupis is a researcher and doctoral student specializing in Germanic languages and literatures at New York University. His undergraduate studies at the University of Oxford were focused on medieval romantic literature. Jordan is a reading and assistant discussion tutor at the Lichfield Institute.

Omar F. Najjarine is an independent writer and tutor. He also runs 'The Autodidact' — a journal covering culture and literature. Omar is a reading and assistant discussion tutor at the Lichfield Institute. 

David Levine is a graduate of the 'Great Books' program at St. John’s College and a reading and discussion group leader at the Lichfield Institute.

Study With Us

Our guest lecturers hold PhDs or have other significant experience in serious and in-depth intellectual work. We seek as lecturers academics who are willing and able to work on a volunteer basis; zealous about their own learning; happy to conduct classes by conversation rather than lecture; open to learning from adults in all walks of life; and eager to read outside of their field of expertise. 

In addition to our lecturers, our reading group leaders are integral to our learning experience. Reading group leaders are well-versed in navigating and facilitating thought-provoking discussions. They guide participants through carefully curated reading questions, ensuring that every conversation is enriching, engaging, and enlightening. Together, our lecturers and reading group leaders create an inclusive, dynamic, and intellectually stimulating environment that encourages active participation and fosters a deep love for learning among all our participants.

Writing Contests

Funding independent writing is incredibly important to us. Our writing contests and sponsorships aim to support writers and preserve literature as an art form. We are proud to bring together a panel of reputable literary judges for our writing contests. Our panel of judges are compromised of established authors and writing professors. Their dedication to the literary arts ensure that all entries are reviewed with the utmost specialization and care.

We are especially thankful for the generous support from our extraordinary patrons, without whom our writing contests would not be possible. Their enthusiastic support has not only sustained our current endeavors but has also opened doors to future independent writing opportunities.

2024 Winners & Finalists (coming soon)
2023 Winners & Finalists

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