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About Us

Lichfield Institute promotes independent study and funds independent writing. We build communities of learning based on conversation and hospitality. We think learning for learning’s sake should be ordinary and shared among people of different ages, occupations, and educational backgrounds.

Current Leadership

Jordan de Lupis is a researcher and doctoral student specializing in Germanic languages and literatures at New York University. His undergraduate studies at the University of Oxford were focused on medieval romantic literature. He serves as one of the volunteer reading tutors at Lichfield Institute.

David Levine is a graduate of the 'Great Books' program at St. John’s College. He is a researcher and writer at Harris Legal Group, an immigration law firm.

Omar F. Najjarine is marketing manager at the Lichfield Institute. He also serves as one of its volunteer tutors. Trained in analytic philosophy, he hosts academic interviews and produces cultural and literary vlogs online.

Study With Us

Our guest lecturers hold PhDs or have other significant experience in serious and in-depth intellectual work. We seek as lecturers academics who are willing and able to work on a volunteer basis; zealous about their own learning; happy to conduct classes by conversation rather than lecture; open to learning from adults in all walks of life; and eager to read outside of their field of expertise. 

Our reading group leaders are experienced readers and guides in conversation. 

Writing Contests

Funding independent writing is incredibly important to us. Our writing contests and sponsorships aim to support writers and preserve literature as an art form.

Our guest judges are finalists both for the 2021 PEN/Hemingway Award and for the 2022 National Book Award.

Contact Us!

For questions or volunteers write to us at:

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