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Reading for Wisdom

Reading for wisdom

We've lost the path to wisdom in the modern age and we're drowning in a sea of meaningless information. A vast library is unnecessary, only a few books are needed to lay the foundations of wisdom.


We divide books into two categories:

foundational and supplemental.


Foundational books provide the intellectual scaffolding, or bedrock, for humane, rational and sensible thought and action. They will inform all the thinking you do in life. Supplemental books build upon, critique and diversify your knowledge.

Foundational Reading


The greatest work in ethics ever written. Aristotle lays the foundation for ethical thought and behavior that continues to influence and inspire countless generations.


A seminal work of ethical and philosophical thought that has shaped Eastern wisdom for centuries, offering profound insights into virtue, politics, and personal conduct.


A masterful discourse on justice, society, and governance - profoundly shaping political thought, ethics and philosophical dialogue for two millennia.

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An unrivaled philosophical drama. Portraying Socrates' legendary dedication to truth and virtue, capturing the essence of his enduring wisdom and his timeless defense of the examined life.


A text that profoundly shapes our understanding of personal discipline and life philosophy, offering invaluable lessons on resilience and the importance of inner tranquility.


A groundbreaking exploration of spirituality, shaping our understanding of religious phenomena through psychological insights and personal accounts.


A towering masterpiece of literature, weaving complex psychological depth into a gripping narrative that explores the profoundest questions of morality, faith, and the human condition.

Supplemental Reading

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