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Socratic discussion

Spirited Discussion

Deep intellectual exploration for all. Lichfield Institute hosts:

1) Reading seminars exploring the finest wisdom literature ever written.

2) Discussion seminars around the most important perennial and contemporary questions.


All seminars are conducted in an open Socratic fashion. There are no textbooks. There are no lectures. Seminars revolve around open conversation guided by tutors who assist students in the work of reading and analyzing wisdom literature.


We invite people from all walks of life to join our community of learning. Our offerings are available to all adults 18 years or older from all educational backgrounds and walks of life. In reviewing applications to study with us, we look for enthusiasm and fit for an independent and collaborative style of learning. Each seminar runs for 12 weeks and costs $150.


  • No prior academic experience required

  • 100% online with interactive & lively discussion 

  • Shareable certification of completion to showcase your skills

Summer 2024 Offerings

Registration for our Summer 2024 session is now open. Registration deadline for the summer session is June 23, 2024.


Please review our Summer offerings below and note the Course ID of any courses in which you would like to participate. To apply to participate in one of our courses, please fill out the short form below!

Seminars run for 12 weeks. Meetings are held virtually once per week.


Jane Austen Emma
Carl Jung
Study the Brothers Karamazov
Leo Tolstoy
G.K. Chesterton
Virginia Woolf study
Islamic spirituality
Henry David Thoreau Walden

Reading Seminars



R1: Henry David Thoreau, Life Without Principle & Walden

R2: Jane Austen, Emma

R3: Leo Tolstoy, The Death of Ivan Ilyich

R4: Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse 

R5: Carl Jung, Two Essays on Analytical Psychology

R6: Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

R7: Erich Fromm, The Sane Society

R8: G.K. Chesterton, Selected Essays

R9: Lady Hyegyeong: The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyong

R10: William James, The Varieties of Religious Experience

R11: The four confessions: St. Augustine, Al-Ghazali, Rousseau, Tolstoy

R12: Farid ud-Din Attar, The Conference of the Birds

Discussion Seminars



D1: Which religion is the closest to truth?

Guest lecturer from University of Melbourne

D2: How does economics influence culture and morality?

Guest lecturer from University of California, Santa Barbara

D3: Which political-ethical system leads to the most humane society?

Guest lecturer from Johns Hopkins University

D4: Which path to transcendence: religion, spirituality, philosophy, naturalism?

Guest lecturer from George Mason University

Credential Award

Credential Award


Participants will receive a Certification of Completion, issued electronically, upon successful completion of the reading or discussion seminar. The certification can be shared in future job applications, graduate school applications, or shared on professional platforms such as LinkedIn.

Lichfield Alumni Group

Upon program completion, you'll receive an invitation to join the Lichfield Institute Alumni group. This provides a platform for ongoing connection with your cohort and the wider Lichfield community of writers, readers, artists and academics.

Join the Seminar

Study with Us!

I understand that if I'm accepted, the seminar cost is $150

Thank you for submitting! We'll contact you shortly.

  • Is it possible to complete a seminar while juggling a full-time job or academic courses?
    Absolutely! The Lichfield seminars are tailored to suit the needs of anyone, particularly those with busy schedules. Being an online program, it's convenient and flexible for participants with any schedule.
  • What is the time commitment for each seminar?
    You can anticipate a commitment of approximately 4 - 6 hours per week. This estimate is based on two hours of live discussion and two hours of reading.
  • Will I get feedback for my participation in the seminar?
    Yes! You will receive tailored feedback and guidance from the seminar instructor.
  • Can I participate in more than one reading or discussion seminar?
    Students may enroll in multiple reading seminars, but they may not participate in more than one of the discussion seminars. We prioritize accommodating as many readers as possible, so if you have already been enrolled in a seminar you are less likely to be enrolled in additional ones.
  • I’ve been placed in a seminar, but I haven’t heard from the seminar leader - what should I do?
    If you haven’t heard from the seminar leader a week before your course is set to begin, check your spam folder, and then email us at:
  • Will I be notified if I'm NOT placed in a seminar?
    For each seminar in which you express interest, we will send you an email specifying whether or not we were able to place you in that seminar.

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